Cognition – Cylance UK Platinum Partner

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Cognition – Cylance UK Platinum Partner

The technical team at Cognition are a fussy bunch. We’ve been around the InfoSec block far too many times to mention and we’ve seen the very best (and the very worst) of what this industry has to offer. So when it came to the endpoint security market, we spent a ridiculously long time researching, testing, scrutinising every vendor and product we could find.


The sad truth is that we weren’t very impressed with what we saw. The market is a mess and most vendors are hiding their products’ weaknesses behind veils of marketing fluff. If you’re looking to protect your endpoint you have the choice of Antivirus, Exploit Prevention, Endpoint Detection and Response, Application Whitelisting and Isolation technologies. Each provides a different solution to a different problem and each works very differently.


Why Cylance?


At the heart of everything we do at Cognition is the focus on “Real World” solutions to day-to-day problems. And for the endpoint, the most simple manifestation of that is to protect against malware. So we focused on finding a solution that, “Detects if a file is malicious or not, and blocks it.” We wanted something that blocked, rather than forensically told you after the fact that you’d been infected, and it needed to do it pretty much perfectly. It had to detect all malware, new and old, it had to have no impact on the end user or require training and needed to work offline where updates and cloud connectivity are difficult. In short, we wanted AV that “just works”.


This where Cylance came in…


It labelled itself as Next-Generation Antivirus, and it’s exactly that. Not particularly sexy I know, but we shouldn’t be looking for “sexy” in IT security. We should be looking for solutions that fix a problem without effort and without fuss. Just like a physical safe, it needs to do the job and be pretty much forgettable so we can focus on more important things. And it ticked all the boxes, zero-day protection, no need for updates (yes, really), works offline, no interruption to the user’s working practices and no complicated policy. And it works, really, really well, stopping everything we can throw at it in our malware analysis lab.


In turn, we’re pretty damn excited about Cylance. We love it, our clients love it, and unsurprisingly the other AV vendors hate it. So much so that the majority of their marketing has turned to negative attack pieces on Cylance, along with some very dodgy “independent” testing practices. (More about Cylance Here)


Why Choose Cognition as your UK Cylance Partner?


Like most other enterprise security vendors, Cylance only sell their products through “the Channel” (i.e. through an approved reseller) and that’s where we come in. Cognition’s dedication to innovative solutions to real world problems made us a perfect fit to become a Cylance Partner. Cylance trust Cognition to deliver both the technology and the associated consultancy to ensure our clients solve the malware problem once and for all. Cognition’s technical team are all Certified Cylance Systems Engineers and expertly trained in delivering the Cylance ThreatZero services.


Cognition’s commitment as a Cylance Partner has earned us the premium status of “Platinum Cylance Partner“, enabling us to provide our clients with the very best in pre-sales guidance, technical expertise and discounted pricing. And with our extensive assessments and experience of the wider endpoint security market, we can happily share our knowledge of what really does defeat malware and why Cylance is just a bit special.


If you’d like to know more about Cylance, see a live demo or just have a chat about endpoint security in general, please get in touch. We love to chat. And if Twitter is your thing and you want to talk to our Technical Director Carl Gottlieb, he’s at @carlgottlieb.

Carl Gottlieb

Carl is an accomplished Data Protection consultant and founder of Data Security consultancy Cognition Secure. As Consulting Director, Carl helps organisations build strong data protection practices and is a specialist in the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Carl comes from a cyber security background and balances a strong technical understanding with a sharp eye for business. With 15 years of experience working in vendors, resellers and end users, Carl has seen the good, the bad and the ugly and is focused on real world solutions for today's data protection problems.