INSIGHT – Vulnerability Management as a Service

What is it?

Cognition Insight is our best-of-breed Vulnerability Management as a Service, delivering a fully managed service for WhiteHat Security. We combine the very best in scanning technology and human intelligence to provide real-time situational awareness of your risk exposure and the expertise to remediate your pressing issues. This uniquely provides the application security capability you need but in a “translated for business” format, allowing your Service Management teams to interface directly with our Security Specialists.

Can I try it?

Of course! Simply fill out the form to get started, and a Cognition representative will have you up and running in no time. Oh, and there’s no obligation to buy!

This 30 day free trial will give you unlimited access to our interactive dashboard to view results, generate reports, and prioritize vulnerabilities. Pre-production, QA, production, it doesn’t matter; Cognition Insight will assess the real-time risk of your site, identify vulnerabilities, and report the issues regardless of where you are in the SDLC. And we do this while keeping your site 100% safe and secure — continuously.

And if you want to find out more, or just have a chat, then get in touch!

How does it work?

Securing your web applications relies on two vital components – visibility of your risk exposure and the patching programme to improve it. Sadly, few organisations have the technical sophistication or operational capability to provide either function, and instead relying solely on sporadic penetration tests, only to largely ignore their results. Cognition Insight alleviates these challenges by providing an end-to-end process of continuous scanning, analysis and remediation, all delivered as a fully managed service. This essential service provides the foundation of many of our customers’ security programmes, providing actionable intelligence into the wider security infrastructure.

Cognition Insight powered by WhiteHatWe start with the WhiteHat Sentinel application testing engine, continuously scanning your websites for all application vulnerabilities and manually filtering out all false positives. The Cognition team analyses this data, interpreting what this means to your business and agreeing a prioritised plan of action. We’ll then implement the patches on your Application Delivery solution or Web Application Firewall and then finally retest to ensure a complete resolution. This closed loop process provides complete coverage for your web application vulnerabilities, managing them from discovery to closure with zero false positives.

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Why Cognition Insight?

  • Full Managed Service – rely on the experts to detect, analyse and patch your application vulnerabilities – all as a service
  • Unlimited Continuous Vulnerability Scanning – websites are continuously assessed 24/7/365.
  • Accurate results – Human verified, prioritised results eliminate false positives, utilising a pit-crew style team of engineers with software automation.
  • Closed-Loop Vulnerability Patching – Technical design, test and implementation of virtual patch configuration to Application Delivery Controllers and Web Application Firewalls.
  • Simple Usability – all technology is cloud based, with an easy to use SaaS platform for customer interaction processing hundreds of thousands of assessments per month.
  • Best-in-class Security Testing – powered by the industry leading WhiteHat Security.
  • World Renowned Website Security Experts – Including access to over 100 Application Security Specialist Engineers in the Threat Research Center.
  • Analysis & Reporting – proactive threat alerts, vulnerability reporting and easy to use and read analytics to help prioritise vulnerabilities and track your risk exposure.
  • On-site Presentations – Delivering on-site analysis of the latest monthly report, guidance and Q&A to a combined Security forum.
  • Telephone and Email Support – available for management and technical personnel to discuss vulnerabilities, impact and remediation.